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Vocal Sound Healer
a.k.a Celestial Sound Angel

My Story

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Jane Inurystri is an intuitive vocal sound healer who specialises in channelling and projecting her voice into crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls to create healing tones, sounds and frequencies to create a deep state of relaxation.  

Spiritual Awakening / Epiphany
After spending most her life singing in bands and working in the corporate world (websites/marketing), in Dec 2018, she had an intense spiritual awakening at a sound bath in Melbourne, Australia by @suntaramusic and @christiandimarcomusic. The beautiful sounds in the session gave her a huge awakening and epiphany. Tears rolled down her face as her body shook from joy with the realisation that her whole life singing and searching for her 'sound', has led her to this. Her soul purpose is to use her voice as a vocal sound healer to help people. 

Stomach Cancer / Wake Up Call

Two weeks after, she was diagnosed with grade 3 stomach cancer and had two-thirds of her stomach removed. But that did not stop her from following her heart and soul purpose to be a vocal sound healer. She always felt the diagnosis was a blessing in disguise, a wake-up call. The doctors told her it was aggressive, but against doctors' and oncologists' orders, she refused chemo, changed her diet and stopped the corporate job to focus on healing her body naturally. 


Removing all stresses from her life, drastically changing her diet (to organic whole foods plant-based diet, no meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol or refined sugar) and focusing on her soul purpose to use her voice as a sound healer was a big part of her healing.

Bali / Leap of Faith & Trusting in the Universe
She went to Bali for a holiday, healing and to develop her voice as a sound healer at the Pyramids of Chi with @Suntara. After missing two flights to extend her stay, she realised her body and soul was healing so much that she took a big leap of faith and sold all her possessions back in Melbourne Australia and moved to Bali within 3.5 weeks of making her decision. With nothing but her sound healing instruments, a handful of clothes and pure trust and faith in the universe, she has been following her heart and soul purpose as a vocal sound healer since.

Soul Mission

Her soul mission is to share her healing story, remind others the power of the human body to heal itself and to spread the power of the human voice and sound frequencies all over the world to assist in healing/wellbeing and raising the consciousness of humanity.


'May the energy of sounds and frequencies set you free'. Inurystri, 2020

Support Inurystri:
Download her digital album (by donation) 
to she may continue her work in Bali to help others as a sound healer. 

"Inurystri’s gift of her voice and using sound is incomparable to anyone and any sound healing I’ve ever experienced. You can feel alignment in creation and with the Source that she carries within and shares with the world. A healer with passion, purpose and aligned with her mission"

Karo Domarańczyk

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much love, Inurystri.

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