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Past Events

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"New Moon Solar Eclipse
Soundbath & Fire Manifestation"
with Inurystri | Vocal Sound Healer

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer - Mega Eclipse! World-changing energies will bring a whole new cycle of energy, a new chapter. New, nurturing energy is coming through, compassion, kindness, support, energies that will open up our hearts, individually and collectively - bringing through the divine feminine energies that will activate at a global level, to balance the patriarchal world and the masculine energy within us.


ENTRY to Premium Villa (Akasha) INCLUDES:


  • Aura Cleanse & Oracle Cards 

  • Fire Ceremony: (Letting go & burning list of all that no longer serves us, followed by intention setting/manifestations)

  • Vocal Sound Bath: Lay down, relax and be immersed in an etheric vocal sound bath with Inurystri

Bring:   Pen and paper, something to cover eyes for those who want to get a deeper experience

Location: Akasha Restaurant (New Earth Haven)
Address: Jalan Sinta, Keliki, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80561


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21 June
3pm - 6pm

Contribution: 250k
(includes SOLAR JAMU SHOT)

TICKETS: Click here

Limited spots due to
Banjar restrictions
/social distancing

New Earth Haven Facebook Event Page


During the solar eclipse, it is a good time to conserve energy. From the ancient times, it is said that you should not eat during the eclipse, and you should meditate, thus we will give ourselves this time to turn within, respect and love the divine feminine energies within us, for a new chapter in life.

The partial solar eclipse in Bali will occur at 4:09 pm to 4:40 pm, where we will share a safe, personal and sacred space indoors in the beautiful premium villa at Akasha with a fire ceremony and guided meditation vocal sound bath.

We will come together with open hearts with compassion and kindness for ourselves and each other. Understand it’s ok to be feeling what you’re feeling right now. Gifts of cancer are to flow with the emotions, trust what comes through, don’t bottle it up, it’s part of the flows of life.

Be ready to receive these new energies during the solar eclipse with a beautiful, soothing vocal sound bath as you receive something in your heart that you truly want and need. We will let go of all that no longer serves us into the firepit, and manifest our intentions and abundance together for our highest good.​

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