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Couples Sound Healing Sessions

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Connect with your partner on a deeper level: 
Mind, Body, Emotion & Soul 
with the Power of Sound Energy
& the Human Voice


(In-Person Bali, or Online)

The Ultimate Couples Experience!

Sound healing has been around for thousands of years, with some of the earliest cases recorded in Ancient Egypt and Australia.

These sessions will assist with creating new neural pathways to build a stronger relationship and leave you and your partner with feelings of joy and gratitude for each other.

Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Native American, various beautiful instruments and etheric vocal sound healing by Inurystri are used in these sessions.

Couples will be gently guided to slowly relax the body, mind and emotions which prepares them to be slowly induced into a deep, relaxing and meditative state with the use of primordial sounds, natural frequencies and sound vibrations. The session will allow the couple to connect with each other on a deep spiritual level as the let go and receive.

Clear intentions of pure love, light and healing are emanated to the couple throughout the session. The gentle sounds of Inurytri’s vocals and the vibrations from the ancient bowls have a profound effect on the human body, mind and soul.

Sound travels faster in water than air and we are made up mostly of water. The frequencies created releases emotional, physical and mental tension. This deep relaxed state whilst receiving sound, promotes well being for the couple and allows their bodies to heal itself, reduces stress, relieves tension, lifts mood and helps anxiety.

In-Person Sessions:

  • bowls moved around the body / may be placed around the body and played, creating a relaxing wall of sound that bathes the client.

  • Sonic Massage - bowls are placed directly upon various parts of the body and played, allowing the vibrations to penetrate the soft tissue and removes physical and energetic blockages.

Benefits of the treatment include:

  • Stress relief

  • insomnia relief

  • Lifted mood and reduced anxiety

  • Relief from pain and muscle ache

  • Release of emotional trauma

Couple's Session Includes:

  • 15 - 30 min chat  

  • aura cleansing (white sage or Paulo Santo)

  • oracle card

  • 1 hr vocal sound healing

Ultimate Love Package:

  • Surprise your partner with a romantic sound healing evening. Your room will be lovingly decorated with flowers, candles, incense and chocolate 15mins before the session begins.  

    • Couple's Session

    • Flowers

    • Incense

    • Candles

    • Chocolate

Duration: 1.5 to 2hrs 

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