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Goddess Crown Diadem / Necklace
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The Multifunctional Goddess Crowns are individually hand-made pieces, not machine-made so each is beautifully unique and one of a kind. Each set of triple gemstones are hand-picked by Jane for the quality, colour and energy.

The price will depend on the semi-precious stone chosen/Gold or Silver.

All crowns are charged with the frequencies of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Isis Temple, Dendera Temple and Siwa Oaisis during her travels to Egypt for 3 months in 2021.

Feel and remember the Divine Feminine Goddess that you are each time you wear it.

Wear it Multiple Ways: 

  1. Crown Diadem:

    Sits delicately over the forehead with a unique curved design to fit lightly over your head. (You can barely feel it on)

  2. Necklace:

    Can be worn as a necklace around your neck

  3. Solid Choker Necklace:
Clip off the triple jewels and wear the plain choker with your favourite pendant.



  • Available in Gold or Silver

  • Detachable Jewels:
    Triple semi-precious stones (available in many colours/semi-precious stones) is detachable, and the solid choker can be worn on its own. 

  • Add NEW Attachments to your Collection!
    Once you have your first Goddess crown, simply buy new attachment styles (released monthly) for a while new look!

  • Multiple looks in one gorgeous design!

Order your
Goddess Crown Diadem / Necklace!



As featured on the cover of April 2022 FBMAGAZINE, order your very own exclusive Multifunctional Goddess Crown/Necklace, handmade from master jewellers from the Island of the Gods

Designed by Jane Inurystri / Celestial Sound Angel to bring out the Inner Goddess within you.

Feel your inner femininity and Goddesses shine with this stunning unique piece.


Wear it for special events, weddings, birthdays, engagements, ceremonies and festivals.

Available in high-quality hand-made: 

  • SILVER (Solid 925 Sterling Silver) &

  • GOLD (18carat Gold Plated over Solid Sterling Silver)

Make your selections below for your favourite Multifunctional Goddess Crown / Necklace Diadem and we will reply via email the price for your custom order. 


  • All are individually hand-made and unique.

  • All gemstones hand-picked for colour and energy

  • All have been charged in the King's Chamber Great Pyramid of Giza and many sacred temples with sound healing energy in her trip to Egypt

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