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Private One on One Sessions

Golden Ratio Cocoon Chamber
The Ultimate Sound Experience

Receive a special One on One Vocal Sound Healing inside in a huge acoustic limestone and lava rock cocoon chamber that's built to the golden ratio - the only one in the world.

Treat yourself to a unique resonance sound journey.  

The Acoustic Golden Ratio Cocoon Chamber is a large elliptical resonance chamber which offers deep relaxation and rebalancing of your being on all levels (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). 

The spaceship-like cocoon structure (designed by was built based on the golden ratio using sacred geometry to amplify positive energy and healing. The chamber is layered with a combination of limestone, copper and volcanic rock which amplifies deep relaxation, meditation, healing and sound resonance.

Added internal layers of amethyst, rose quartz crystals, and various layered metals so you will essentially receive sound healing inside a golden ration orgone accumulator. The unique shape and natural materials its made from allows for natural healing, which the body is designed to innately do when it is in balance. 

Inside the Elliptical Cocoon Chamber, you will bathe in 360 degrees of gentle sound and vibration with soothing vocal sounds channelled specifically to what your body and soul needs, accompanied with various sound healing instruments such as the Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and chakra chimes. 

The Golden Ratio Cocoon Chamber Experience allows you to let go of worldly distractions, chaos and stresses of everyday life - giving space for the mind and body to totally relax and restore the emotional and physical for a sense of internal balance and well-being. 

Enter and be ready to be transported to another world.

How many people can fit inside the cocoon?
The Golden Ratio Cocoon Chamber fits one person and Inurystri to sit comfortably inside as well as the sound healing instruments.


  • Not recommended for people who are claustrophobic

  • Depending on the day, the chamber can become quite warm if it is a hot day, light breathable, comfortable clothes recommended

  • You will be sitting upright for the session as you cannot ly down in the chamber - not suitable for those who are unable to sit for the duration.

  • We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to avoid feeling rushed.

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal, drinking diuretic beverages or stimulants like coffee.​

'The future is not just sound as medicine, but people experiencing sound healing in beautiful sacred geometry structures that are mindfully built in harmony with the surrounding nature and the 5 elements such as those designed by bioarc. People can experience and access their higher consciousness in spaces which naturally amplify the sounds and energies. As Edgar Cayce said, 'the future of medicine is sound' and the future is now'.
Inurystri, 2020


  • 45 min chat re your current mind, body, spirit at Akasha Restaurant. (This allows Inurystri to connect and guide the sound healing to your needs during the session.). 

  • Aura Cleanse

  • Oracle Card

  • 1hr vocal sound healing in the limestone egg chamber

Note: Not suitable for those who cannot sit for long periods.

Total Duration: 2hrs


"When I was presented with the opportunity to hop into an acoustic egg chamber designed specifically for sound healing with a soul who incarnated with the gift of channelling the divine through sound, I couldn’t resist. As I write this testimonial, there isn’t anything like this anywhere else on Earth. I don’t want to influence anyone’s expectations by trying to describe my experience, and really it’s difficult to put into words anyway. Just consider yourself blessed to be in a very special minority of humans who have the chance to experience this. Then experience it for yourself."

Philip Kreutzer

Inurystri_Philip Kreutzer.jpg
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