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Support Inurystri to continue her work in Bali as a Sound Healer.
Inurystri left everything in Australia to follow her heart after her diagnosis.
She truly believes this is the reason she is still alive.
Your contribution will help her to continue her soul purpose,
record new sound healing tracks & acquire high-
quality sound equipment which will allow her to continue to bloom
and help humanity around the world with her voice and sound frequencies.

Click here to read about her journey.

Click on the 'Download Album' button below to receive the digital album.
Your donation is humbly and warmly accepted with the deepest of gratitude.  

From the bottom of my heart,
"Thankyou", for your support.
May the sounds help you to relax, let go,
find clarity & inner-peace.

    Inurystri. xoxx

About the Album:
Inurystri's Debut Album 'The Roses of the Temple of Isis' aims to reach all the awakening and awakened Goddesses and Gods out there (great for little god/goddess children too!). Professionally recorded in Bali, Ubud, this album is about awakening your spirit, healing and letting go of the old and rebirth with remembering who we really are and what we came here to do.

All tracks were recorded without rehearsal, all vocals and instruments captured in-the-moment. Relax and be transported to other dimensions with beautiful etheric vocals, tones and healing instruments. Perfect for deep relaxation, stress reduction, meditation and for enhancing sleep. 


Inurystri: Vocals, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls
SebatierraSouth American flute, didgeridoo and Kora (Harp-like instrument).
Tracks recorded and produced by the talented musician and producer, Sebatierra. 

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