Private Vocal Lessons with Inurystri


Have you ever felt you have a voice within you, just waiting to be unlocked? Ever thought of becoming a vocal sound healer or looking for ways to improve your voice for singing, public speaking or just finding your voice in general?

Inurystri holds a safe space for you to find and activate your unique voice. She will teach you how you can connect with your higher self, remove blockages holding you back from using your voice and above all, have fun with your voice.


Vocal Lessons ideal for:

  • all ages including children 

  • beginners to advanced (no prior singing experience necessary)

  • Finding your soul's inner voice

  • Improving public/online speaking. Learn techniques to engage and captivate your audience

Sessions details:

  • Initial FREE 20min chat 

  • In-person (Bali)  /  Live Online

  • 30min or 1-hour vocal lesson.