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Private Singing Lessons


Have you ever felt you have a voice within you, just waiting to be unlocked? Ever thought of becoming a vocal sound healer or looking for ways to improve your voice for singing, public speaking or just finding your voice in general?

Jane Inury-stri is an international vocal sound healer who has spent her life in multiple bands, spent countless hours in the top recording studios in Australia and London, whilst seeking her true voice.

She holds a safe space for you to find and activate your unique voice. She will teach you how you can connect with your higher self, remove blockages holding you back from using your voice and above all, have fun with your voice.


Finding and strengthening your voice takes time, it's like building a muscle (your vocal chords). But with practice, loving guidance and persistence, you will get there. 

Jane spent her life seeking her true voice, receiving many singing lessons from the best vocal coaches in Australia and London.
She will assist you to remove blockages mentally, physically and emotionally to help you to find the beautiful voice that is innate within you and to help set it free,
Learn to love your voice again, the way you did as a child.
Enjoy your very own personal vocal coach who will gently guide you to strengthen your unique instrument.

'A forest consists of the sounds of all types of birds, each one singing its own unique sound and song.

The key is to find and love your own unique voice and sound.

That's what makes forests sound so beautiful, if all birds sounded the same, it would be dull and boring.

It's time to be find and express your unique voice, stop hiding it'.
- Jane Inury-Stri, 2022 - 




  • Those seeking to unlock your soul's inner voice

  • Improving public/online speaking. Learn techniques to engage and captivate your audience

  • beginners to advanced (no prior singing experience necessary)

  • all ages including children 


  • Free Initial 30min chat and vocal assessment

  • In-person (Bali)  /  Live Online

  • 30min or 1-hour classes

  • Packages available (see below)

Single Vocal Lessons: (In-Person Bali, or Online)

All new students receive initial free 30min chat and vocal assessment

  • 30min Single Lessons:

  • 60mins Single Lessons:



PACKAGE DEALS - book in advance and save!


5 x 30minute Lessons Package Deal:

10% Discount


5 x 60minute Lessons Package Deal: 

10% Discount

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