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I recently had an amazing sound healing session with Inurystri. Before I entered Inurystri's healing space, she prepared me for my session with a ritual cleansing (smudging) using high-quality sage. Once we entered the 'womb', the actual healing studio, I was greeted by beautiful decor, a warm feeling of safety and the colourful tools and instruments she uses. Inurystri is very attentive and caring in her approach and made sure I was comfortable and relaxed as I became absorbed in the most incredible symphony of sounds; each one intended for a specific healing effect. The most enchanting instrument in Inurystri's repertoire is her incredible voice. She blends her voice perfectly with the other instruments to create a special healing quality that is uniquely hers. Inurystri's Sound Healing Session is like a love song to God; devotional music that heals the heart of every listener. I highly recommend Inurystri and her very unique approach to sound healing.
Be prepared to meet the Gods."

Inurytri_testimonial_Peter I Juhasz.jpg

Peter I Juhasz
Founder at Seeing the Perfection

I had dozens of sound healing sessions before. None of those has moved me so deeply as her art. The purity of her presence created such an exquisite space, that I immediately felt deeply at ease. She is uniquely using her angelic voice as a resonant healing tool!
Her singing harmonized so pitch-perfectly with her precisely tuned instruments that I felt several soul-stirring deep emotional releases. 
She skillfully sensed, targeted and soothed the tensions held in my emotional and mental body. All unease dissolved one by one, dropping me into deeper and deeper states of pure peace. This state of consciousness is usually only available to me several days into my meditation retreats if I am lucky. She got me there in the first half an hour, it was magnificent. I had no idea sound healing can do this. My session with her was a luxurious, deeply intimate experience."


"Inurystri’s gift of her voice and using sound is incomparable to anyone and any sound healing I’ve ever experienced. You can feel alignment in creation and with the Source that she carries within and shares with the world. A healer with passion, purpose and aligned with her mission"

Inurystri_Philip Kreutzer.jpg

Philip Kreutzer

"When I was presented with the opportunity to hop into an acoustic golden ratio chamber designed specifically for sound healing with a soul who incarnated with the gift of channelling the divine through sound, I couldn’t resist. As I write this testimonial, there isn’t anything like this anywhere else on Earth. I don’t want to influence anyone’s expectations by trying to describe my experience, and really it’s difficult to put into words anyway. Just consider yourself blessed to be in a very special minority of humans who have the chance to experience this. Then experience it for yourself".

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