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Vocal Sound Healer


Jane Inurystri (Celestial Sound Angel) is an intuitive vocal sound healer who specialises in channelling and projecting her voice into crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls to create healing tones, sounds and frequencies to create a deep state of relaxation and unique healing experience.  

She connects to her higher self and source whilst connecting to the energy of the person or group to create healing sounds and vibrations for the highest good of those present.

Each of her sessions is unique and are never the same. She tunes in to the energetic field of the person or group, using her voice and the sounds from crystal and Tibetan bowls to remove stuck energies and emotions around the body to rebalance and re-harmonise.
Her private sessions can assist in healing pain and removing blockages in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies of her clients.


Cosmic Acoustic Egg Chamber Experience
(Only available at special request)

Inurystri offers a special one-of-a-kind sound healing experience inside an elliptical limestone and lava rock egg chamber built to the golden ratio (phi ratio). Bathe in 360 degrees of natural sound resonance, the way the ancients experienced sound in natural stone caves and chambers.

Sonic Sound Massage
She is also trained in placing the Tibetan bowls directly on various parts of the body so the sound frequencies travel directly though you for a deeply relaxing experience which assists in removing stuck blocked energies and pain. 






Sound Medicine
Sound medicine was known by the ancient civilisations around the world such as Ancient Egypt, Tibet, Native American Indians, Aborigines just to name a few.  Sounds from the human voice, chanting, sometimes used in accompaniment with ancient instruments was used as medicine to heal the body, mind, spirit and soul in the past, it's not anything new, though we are rediscovering its' powers today.

Sound was the medicine of the past and although it has been lost for some time in modern society, it is fast becoming the medicine of the present and 'sound is the medicine of the future' (Edgar Cayce) - and the future is here now. 

'I wish for all human beings to experience the power of the human voice and sound healing for its' potential power to heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
May we all tap into higher consciousness, listen to the voice of our higher selves and raise frequencies together as we walk with the beating of our own hearts'. 

Much love,


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